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Whether you’re knee-deep in a project or the dust has already settled, sometimes you need a bit of outside help. With our extensive background in all phases of construction management, we offer expert-level consulting to help bring clarity to your construction project.

Over the last three-plus decades, we’ve consulted for many clients regarding design issues, conceptual budgeting, scheduling strategies, and engineering oversight.

An Expert Eye 

In the early stages of construction, especially the design phase, having a second set of eyes can really help. Maybe you’re wondering if a building’s design is cost-effective or if this design is practical and safe to be built. 

Aside from the core design of your project, we can also help to guide on project costing. Many materials are more expensive to use than others while delivering little in the way of improvement or better useability. For example, there’s a balancing act between how nice flooring is versus how much it’ll cost. This is especially important for cost-conscious projects where budgets are tight but design and feel are key. 

We can help avoid costly mistakes while still maintaining your original vision and keeping costs under control.

Picking Up the Pieces 

Building the world isn’t always easy — it’s possible for a construction project to go completely wrong. We’ve all heard the horror stories about an engineering mistake made during the design phase that no one caught or having your plumbing covered by concrete before it had been inspected.

While we hope these never happen to you, these are all real-world examples of some of the things that could potentially go wrong during your project.

Fortunately, Target Builders are excellent problem solvers. If you need experienced and professional consulting services for when a project has turned sour, we can help you develop an effective plan of action to fix the situation and get your project done the right way.

Other Issues

The problems you’re facing may not be in the form of an engineering issue. While structural issues can happen, you could also be facing public safety or health-related issues in your project. No matter the problem, we’ll help you create a satisfactory solution to your problems to get your project chugging along.

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