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Construction Phase

The construction or ‘build’ phase of your construction project is when the exciting part happens. This is where you finally get to watch the creation of all of the hard work that was done during the design phase. We’ve got a  major track record of success during the construction phase. Every detail is carefully and meticulously managed to ensure smooth sailing throughout the entire build.

Getting Ready to Build

Before construction is ready to begin, we request and thoroughly review all submittals and shop drawings for each scope and its respective trade. This allows us to build out a reliable and accountable CPM schedule for the project. By having all of these details hammered out in the beginning, we’re able to better maintain schedules to meet or beat deadlines.

Breaking Ground

Now that the schedule is set and everyone knows their roles, our work doesn’t stop. Outside of the continuous oversight of the building process, we also host weekly meetings with the owner, the architect, and the contractor to maintain transparency into the construction process. This can include reviews of current and expected progress and goals as well as the recording of meeting minutes.

We also host weekly meetings for the subcontractors. During these meetings, we review the current schedule, deal with any quality control and safety issues, and handle any logs that need attention.

On a daily basis, the construction grounds can get chaotic. During this chaos, we ensure that everyone on site is following proper safety precautions with verification and enforcement from our third-party safety team. They help us to maintain safety protocols, including OSHA and DOT.

Maintaining cleanliness on the ground is also incredibly important — this is handled by dedicated cleanup crews throughout the day, every day.

Inspections are handled in a timely manner, with each facet of the build being inspected for both safety and accuracy. We also maintain accurate ‘as-built’ drawings so any changes from the original design are documented and provided to the owner.

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