Providing comprehensive construction management services since 1992

Target Builders Construction Management, Inc. was founded in 1992 in Fort Myers, Florida and has consistently delivered projects on time and on budget throughout its history. Target Builders combines outstanding professionalism and technical expertise with an unrivaled knowledge of the unique conditions created by growth and development in the Southwest Florida market. This heightened sensitivity and a willingness to perform above and beyond the capacity of ordinary firms creates a distinct competitive advantage, elevating Target Builders to an elite status among construction management firms in the area. The commitment of Target Builders goes far beyond its performance in the office and in the field, the company is an excellent builder of relationships among clients, partners in the industry, and the community where it operates. This is reflected in the high percentage of repeat business from long-term clients, the reliability and consistent performance of subcontractors, and acts of service the company performs every year for non-profit and charitable organizations in the Southwest Florida.