We have built our reputation on quality workmanship, dedication to our clients, and long-standing relationships.
About Us

Our Specialities Include


Target Builders is a prominent supplier of construction management services to the School District of Lee County, Edison State College, and Florida Gulf Coast University.


We have developed an outstanding reputation for excellence in commercial construction and are always in tune with shifting trends in the commercial building industry.


The comfort and certainty Target Builders brings to government construction accounts for the enhanced teamwork, efficiencies and speed to completion that are typical of Target Builders performance.


Target Builders provides new construction and renovations for hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and special purpose medical buildings of all kinds.

Home grown, experienced, and calibrated to excel, Target Builders offer a rare combination of local knowledge, unmatched customer service, and proven performance in construction management. Whenever a project calls for professional commitment, technical skill, and a capacity for teamwork at the highest level, Target Builders has demonstrated the ability to get the job done.